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What's Disaster Recovery

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Nationwide Disaster Support in Japan When disaster strikes, you need more than a plan, you need a lifeline. Imagine having a lifeline, a trusted partner who’s there to guide you through the chaos and disaster. Connect Network Connect Network gives you access to the resources you need to be prepared for disasters. Stay informed and be ready when the unexpected happens.

Spread of Damage After Disaster

Stop the damage extension after the disasters Fire Case: Various PVC products such as cables are burnt in most fire cases. The smoke contains chloride compound originated from the PVC, which travels through the air and contaminated the surrounding facility. Firefighting water or extinguisher also accelerates corrosion. As a consequence, seemingly intact equipment that survived the fire start to break down in a...

Corrosion Mechanism & Loss Mitigation

Corrosion Mechanism: Corrosion quickly develops after disaster Affected machine equipment (both fire and water) are usually in damp atmosphere which accelerates the corrosion process. This is because corrosive substance spread through the air at the time of fire. It turns to chlorine acid after absorbing moisture in the air. Corrosion damages metals faster especially when ambient relative humidity exceeds 40%. Loss Mitigation :...

Replacement vs Restoration

Recovery Service Drastically Reduces Business Downtime! Equipment affected by soot, fire extinguishing agent, or water are restorable. But only if they are not damaged by excessive heat (approximately around 100 degrees or above) physically damaged. Replacement is still considered as common solution for the affected equipment or building, if restoration is not used. But it brings a huge impact of unexpected cost in...

General Cleaning vs Tech of RP

Neutralization & Removal of Toxic Substance Caused By Fire PVC, used as a coating material for cable, is also burnt in a fire. Substantial chloride compound with soot spread through the air when that happened. As the chloride compound gets to the surfaces of the equipment and absorbing ambient moisture, it turns out to be hydrochloric acid and the acid eats up the...

Special Tech ① Precision Cleaning

Precision Cleaning of Machine Equipment Machine Equipment affected by fire, water, chemical leaks, and contamination are disassembled for precision cleaning. The procedure is as following: Disassemble component parts as far as possible to completely remove contamination. Clean up components by neutralizing contaminants with alkaline cleaning agent developed by BELFOR. Replace inexpensive components Reproduce protective film over the surface of the corrosion-sensitive components if...

Special Tech ② Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaning is one of the most effective methods to complete corrosion removal. Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning Shortening business downtime with the fastest cleaning and de-rusting procedure. Ultrasonic cleaning easily removes all traces of contamination adhering or embedded on the solid surface. Varied types of cleaning agents (BELFOR original) effectively removes contamination without damage. Ultrasonic Cleaning is widely used for cleaning...

Special Tech ③ Soot Removal

Soot Removal Film (SRF) Soot Removal Film (SRF) is BELFOR group’s unique solution for soot removing work. SRF is applied by spraying or by rolling depending on the surfaces to apply. Once applied on surfaces, SRF is left to cure to form a solid film, safely encapsulating the soot contaminant. SRF works perfectly fine on porous surfaces, that normal brushing or washing just...

Special Tech ④ Document Restoration

Your important document is soaking wet – what will you do about it?Wet paper is the perfect environment to grow mold or hazardous bacteria if nothing is done. If the documents and books are damaged by flood, tidal wave, or leak from pipe or roof, immediate action is needed. Restoration by well-trained experts is vital. Using ‘Freeze-Dry’ technology, our experts can restore large...

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Information on various services are available for download. Service Guide Service for Marine Vessel Hazardous Substance Caused by Fire Deodorizing Ultrasonic Cleaning SRF (Soot Removal Film) Document Restoration by Freeze Dry Decontamination by Ice Blaster Loss Mitigation Maintenance Cleaning Service for the Damage Caused by Water  

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