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For Insurer

For Insurer

Improvement of CS

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Restoration service helps to minimize the business downtime of customers.
  • Our motto is to provide the best solutions that a customer needs.

◆ Voice from Customers

Due to RecoveryPRO’s restoration services, we managed to meet a deadline for delivery when we were totally lost about what to do after the accident.

We almost had to close our business. We were so glad that we could get back in business.

We thought we had to stop all production lines, but RecoveryPRO proposed a plan that allowed half of them to keep running during the restoration. If it wasn’t for RecoveryPRO, we might have shut down entirely for 6 months and our competitor might have poached our customers during this period of downtime.

We were very impressed with how fast RecoveryPRO restored the plant.

Of course, we don’t want such experience again, but if it happens again, we would be definitely like to ask RecoveryPRO to help us again.

Felt relieved and comfortable when talking to their staff because they were so professional. Their advice and proposal were so valuable that we, from the lack of such experience, never thought of.

It was so good that we got their service. We were so desperate as we had no alternative facility anywhere.

It could have been much tougher if we had to negotiate with dozens of vendors by ourselves. We were glad that RecoveryPRO took it up and coordinated everything for us.

The only things we could do before meeting them were mop and bucket stuff. We did not what else we needed to do. It helped us a great deal that RecoveryPRO took the lead to coordinate everything including decontamination works, replacement parts procurement and the negotiation with the manufacturers. Their expertise and professional works were so impressive.

We had no idea what to do. Our factory was blackened with soot inside out. But after they arrived, I remembered all of us felt so relieved from the pressure. They were so professional and tactful in every way. (Food Manufacturer)

*Quoted from the testimonials given by the customers.

◆ Voice from Insurers

Disaster recovery service is valuable for our clients who urgently need to continue their business during challenging time. All of our customers appreciate their restoration service which reduce their down time and restoration costs significantly compared to replacement.

I know RecoveryPRO and their work for some years. It always gives me a sense of security every time we receive positive feedbacks from the customers.

It was very reassuring and convincing to me those detailed explanations on RP’s recovery plans as I also had some experiences of some cases by earthquakes or flood damages.

Detailed explanations were always given about recovery process and required cost.

I found that the benefit of RecoveryPRO services of “Time saving customization, and turn key project” were very important to the affected customers.

*Quoted from the questionnaire results from insurers.