2. When Disaster Strikes
  3. For Loss Adjuster
  4. Technical Advice & Suport

For Loss Adjuster

For Loss Adjuster

Technical Advice & Suport

Technical Advice and Support by Experts

Our recovery specialists will conduct an inspection to assess whether the equipment and machinery are recoverable.

We respond carefully to individual cases in a timely manner, and work in liaison with the insurers and loss adjusters. Through full collaboration with our partners, we implement recovery project which helps to increase customer satisfaction.

◆ Benefits of Recovery Services

  • Benefit 1: Time Saving
    We deliver restoration services for the affected buildings or machinery/ equipment and support you to get back in business in the shortest period of time.
  • Benefit 2: Customized Solutions
    We offer customized solutions to each customer’s needs. It includes workings on timing such as only on weekends and public holidays or during night time only.
  • Benefit 3: Turn Key
    Our recovery services cover both machinery/ equipment and buildings. We provide decontamination and interior removal/ replacement as a one-stop service. Our turn key solutions reduce customer’s burden during the difficult times.