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What's Disaster Recovery

Special Tech ① Precision Cleaning

Precision Cleaning of Machine Equipment

Machine Equipment affected by fire, water, chemical leaks, and contamination are disassembled for precision cleaning. The procedure is as following:

  1. Disassemble component parts as far as possible to completely remove contamination.
  2. Clean up components by neutralizing contaminants with alkaline cleaning agent developed by BELFOR.
  3. Replace inexpensive components
  4. Reproduce protective film over the surface of the corrosion-sensitive components if the film is already damaged.
  5. Re-assemble after it’s completely dried.
  6. Verify the function together with manufacturers or operators of the customer.

Cleaning / Restoration of Electric Substrates

We use BELFOR original alkaline cleaning agent for precision cleaning of substrates and the target decontamination (cleanliness) level are better than standards IPC J-STD-001. Restoration process is as following:

  1. Spray the cleaning agent over disassembled substrates through the fine nozzle to completely remove the contaminant.
  2. Brush the parts on the substrates.
  3. Rinse the substrate parts with deionized water.
  4. Pre-dry the washed substrate parts in drying room under controlled temperature.
  5. Use vacuum drying oven to completely dry and dehumidify the substrate and others that are heat sensitive.
  6. Visual inspection and additional work with makers follow when necessary.
  7. Re-assemble substrate parts and verify the function.