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RecoveryPRO take measures to avoid COVID-19 infection

RecoveryPRO work to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection by following measures.

    1. Basic Policy
      RecoveryPRO make utmost efforts to secure safety of our customers and employees and prevent virus infection.
    2. Preventive measures
      • Measures at work
        • All the employees wear masks, disinfect hands and keep social distance to reduce risks of infection both in customers premise and our office.
        • Where possible, limit the number of meeting attendance to 4 or less.
      • To avoid 3Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded spaces, Close-contact settings) in office
        • Transparent partitions are in place at meeting rooms and office.
        • Layout change of desks and chairs for more space between the employees.
        • Keep 2m distance wherever possible.
      • Ventilation, disinfection at work places both at customers and at our offices.
        • Record temperature of employees and visitors every day.
        • Ventilate the rooms and work areas as often as possible.
        • Wash hands with soap water or disinfect hands often when we come in and out the office or work areas.
      • Health Control
        • When not feeling well or having fever, employees immediately report their conditions to the higherups and stop work, stay home and reschedule meetings or work.
        • On coming home, wash hands or disinfect and gargle.
        • At everyday life, mind good night sleep, well balanced foods, physical exercise to keep fit and stay away from stress.

RecoveryPRO will keep monitoring the situations of infection in community and follow governments guidance without delay.

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