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Everything is About Bringing Customers Back to Business

When machinery or building is affected by fire or flood, it is common to consider replacement or reconstruction as the solution. But take a moment to consider. Is this really the best way to do it?

Replacement or rebuilding requires long time periods which also means longer down time for your business. Also, do consider the costs involved! Businesses want to restart their production as soon as possible. Even if the insurance covers everything, it may result in an increase in premium at the time of renewal.

RecoveryPRO restores machinery/ equipment or buildings affected by disaster and bring them back to normal condition. We deliver the best professional recovery solutions as quickly as possible and at the most reasonable cost.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is becoming more important for any businesses and our services has also increasingly play a more major role in BCP as well. With special technologies backed by years of experiences and knowledge, we support you to restart your business in the shortest period of time. We provide detailed recovery plans for both buildings and machinery equipment. We work closely with major insurers in Japan.

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