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Corporate Information

Corporate Overview

Company Name

RecoveryPRO Ltd.


[Main Office]
Post Code: 222-0033
1-29-1 Shin Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
[West Japan Office]
Post Code: 660-0857
49-2 Nishi-Mukojima-cho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo, Japan



Managing Director

Shinichi Iguchi


20 Million Yen

Business Description

RecoveryPRO is a fully owned subsidiary of BELFOR Asia, which is a group company of BELFOR – the world’s largest disaster restoration company.

Quick Recovery Services from Disaster:
– We restore buildings and machinery equipment affected by fire or water incidents, etc.
– RecoveryPRO experts will respond quickly and inspect the areas affected by disaster and propose recovery plans that enables you to restart your business in the shortest possible time.
– We will restore your properties to normal conditions quickly and effectively by utilizing our technologies and especially formulated cleaning agents.

Type of Recovery:
– Buildings (Soot removal, Painting, Interior restoration, Cleaning, Drying, Deodorant, and Demolition)
– Machinery and equipment (Loss mitigation, Decontamination, Precision cleaning, Restoration, and Rust removal)
– Maintenance cleaning (Periodic machine cleaning for preventive maintenance)
– Document restoration (We restore documents, files, and books soaked in water and make them readable again.)

Business partnership with five major insurers of Japan

Main Financing Bank

BNP Paribas, Tokyo Branch