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We felt a sense of achievement at the recovery site.
― Tetsuya Nagano, Recovery Specialist

Every disaster site that we go to is different as the disaster situation is different and the industry and business environment are different as well. Different methods of restoration are used in different situations. Although the work process is never the same, our commitment to finding the best solutions to fulfill our customer’s needs remains the same.

One of the most memorable projects was a fire case at a sake brewery that was 100 years old and our specialists were asked to do an inspection. After the fire was extinguished by firefighting, the strong odor still lingered and the customers were concerned of the rice malt. The odor was the biggest concern in delicate sake brewing process aside from the physical damages by the fire. As the new release day of new Sake of the year was nearing, the customer was giving up, saying that it might not be in time.

After a thorough inspection, we decided that the recovery project should focus on two main areas. We would take into account the delicate sake brewing facility, to ensure that proper decontamination using food grade chemicals was done and to complete the restoration in the shortest time possible so that the customer can make it for the scheduled release day.

Machinery were disassembled and soot and chloric ion were removed using alcohol for food. As for the interior of the rooms, soot was removed using dust collectors and neutral detergent, and sterilization spray. The offensive odor was removed by the ozone deodorization in every room.

The project was a success and the customer was able to use the decontaminated facility to make sake in time by the release day. I cannot forget the words that the president said to us when the work was completed.

I really appreciate your hard work. RecoveryPRO made it possible for us to move on and restart our sake production again.

Such feedbacks from the customers always motivate us and make us proud of our work.